We believe that the products of Marinos-Korakis Co. are the results of a love affair. It is the undoubtedly sweet relationship between the sugar and the fruits which is totally innocent and greatly beneficial to our diet. With the 78-year-old experience in producing Chian sweets based on home-made recipes, we have the ability to offer a great variety of sweet preserves and concentrated juices.

The Chian orchards are, to a great extent, the source of raw material for these products. The Chian land offers flavored and tasty fruits. Citrus fruits that come from Kambos, fruits full of flavor and taste from the N.E of Chios and Kambohora as well as the famous pistachio from Avgonima, Anavatos and Karies, which is connected with the traditional grow of the pistachio tree in Nea Moni. In the altitude of 525m the rosebushes in the village of St. George Sikousis offer the well-known rose sugar – the rose petals jam.

The concentrated fruit juices as well as the soumada, made of Chian bitter almonds, are of exceptional quality and taste. One of the most delicious of our products is the mastiha jam (“submarine”) made of high quality mastic oil garnished with bergamot and rose flavor.

Nowadays, these traditional products are also used in confectionery and cuisine as gourmet products, in cakes, glaze, garnishes and even salads, sauces and pies. Considering that love inspires fantasy, we still seek to trace all the tasteful potentials of our products and we wish to continue discovering new ones with you.